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Jul. 6th, 2017 04:32 pm
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tales of legendia
I can't stand it when there's something I don't know. You know?

For [community profile] spellbinders.

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Name: Jay (the Unseen)
Age: 16
Canon: Tales of Legendia
Canon Point: mid-CQ
Appearance: at left! black hair in weird side ponytail, purple to light purple eyes, slight of build, terrible dress sense.
Birthday: unknown!
Height/Weight: 5'1" / skinny af
Canon Abilities:

NINJA ILLUSIONS. can make clones, disguise himself in plain sight, and see through other similar illusions.

ERES. a power distinguished by glowing fingernails; the blessings of a sea goddess. [tba]
  • Elemental attacks (Pyre, Ice Storm/Wraith Ice, Brutal Earth/Wraith Earth, Merciless Thunder) - essentially, Jay sticks his dagger in the ground and bursts of fire, ice, earth, or lightning emanate from the ground immediately surrounding (I'd estimate about a wingspan's radius).
  • Exploding daggers (Dagger, Falcon) - essentially what it sounds like! Jay can throw a dagger and cause a small explosion. This does not, apparently, destroy the dagger.
  • Ill Wind - a move that creates "blades of air" that slash at the enemy.
  • Most of the rest of his moves are standard fighting-game moves--combinations of rapid kicks, flips, slashes, etc., or quick-cutting past an enemy. I assume that in this case, the eres lends additional power and force behind his blows (as well as, possibly, a further speed/dexterity boost), and will play as such.

History: http://aselia.wikia.com/wiki/Jay
Personality: The first thing you have to understand about Jay is that he really, really could have used parents.

Until the start of the game, the only adult in his life was a sadistic, sociopathic ninja who treats people as toys and war like a funny game. He spent most of his adolescence in the company of talking otters. The game introduces him to us as Jay the Unseen, quasi-genius, information dealer, and strategist for a major empire--but really, he's just an enormous brat. He tricks bystanders into fights so he can see how strong they are, drags them into his pissing contests--er, I mean boat races, and gets unbelievably snitty when someone else spoils his plans. He'll stalk someone he's come to care about for funsies, but actually walking up to them and saying hi? That's completely beyond him. He provokes people. He thinks he is hilarious. And he harbors a peculiar disdain for the noble hero, the kind of person who blindly and earnestly risks their life for some higher cause they have convinced themselves is worth any price. These people are suckers, in Jay's opinion, too stupid to see that someone is going to take advantage of them, and he is only too happy to be the one to do it.

You see, Jay was raised by an assassin and trained as a human weapon. He was expected to kill in his master's name and to dedicate his entire life to that cause--and he did, and for his pains he was left to die on a battlefield, used as a decoy and abandoned. He never says as much in canon, but presumably, he doesn't want to repeat the experience.

Jay relentlessly avoids his own strong feelings; even as he grows closer to the rest of his party--dumb noble heroes all--he avoids them unless absolutely necessary, slides out of high-fives, and excuses himself from group activities. Any attempts to get close to him are swiftly rebuffed. In short, Jay is afraid. He wants a family--a place, a home--more than anything, but he doesn't want his life to be under someone else's control. It's a feelings tug-of-war that defines his character for most of the game--except that Jay is deceiving himself a lot. He thinks he is the cynical, objective one, who will protect the weak, kill for the soft-hearted, and somehow never, ever get attached; what he doesn't realize is that he's...incredibly shitty at not getting attached. When push comes to shove, Jay is willing to leave behind his entire life, becoming the tool of someone he hates and fears, for the promise of keeping people he loves safe. He's exactly the kind of person he holds in contempt, and always has been. Jay only begins to grow up once he realizes that not only are some things worth dying for, he's already found a few of them.

Power: ability to project his emotions onto other people (requires physical touch)
Price: a leaf from the Star Festival that reads, "I want a family."
Acceptance Month: July 2017
Acclimation Level: 8
Summary of Game History:


Answers are formatted "IC | OOC".
Physical Affection: >:| | :D
Violence: you can try | go for it!
Death: n . . . | ask first
Sexual Content: NO!!!! | ping me for anything graphic
Power Usage: n thx | ping me if it's sexual, otherwise go wild
Mind Reading: absolutely not | YES, just let me know OOC so I can help you out

Answers are based on OOC preference only.
Backtagging: Always
Threadhopping: Ping first, but probably!
Fourth Wall Breaking: I'd like to avoid, but talk to me.
Sensitive Subjects: nothing I can think of!
Please warn for...: n/a
OK Kinks: (will edit if this ever comes up)
No Go Kinks:

Name: Ink
Contact: [plurk.com profile] prospit / Ink#4878 on Discord
OOC Journal: [personal profile] influx
HMD: here!


Jul. 6th, 2017 05:08 pm
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for Jay at [community profile] spellbinders and [community profile] futurology, and perhaps occasionally other places.

Anon comments are screened.
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NAME Swift // Jay
AGE 16 and looks it! Icons in mirror may be less shota than they appear.
TEAM Jasper

HEIGHT/BUILD 5'1" / 104 lbs / skinny, basically
HAIR COLOR/EYE COLOR black / la...vender??
NOTABLE TRAITS none visible, besides the weird colored eyes!

OTHER totally normal human for now--once he gets his eres back RIGHT NOW AS OF DAY 307, he will ping as having the blessings of a sea goddess. (Nerifes is also light-aspected, sorta, but I don't think we want to go there.)

70, 71 ||

Jan. 10th, 2015 11:52 pm
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GAME Game 328?/Day 422, Scathatch's meta game
FORM a small, lit crystal, 4/4 uses left
TAKEN not yet!


+ Senel's breakdown, and discussing plans with the party. Being yelled at by Moses.

GAME Game 329?/Day 423, Beauty's princess maker game
FORM a stuffed dragon, ? to view, unlimited uses left
TAKEN not yet!


+ Coming home after a long day. The light's on.
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GAME Game 326?/Day 418, ???'s uniform game
FORM a spool of Jasper thread, stitch with and wear to view, 1/1? uses left
TAKEN not yet!


Norma: Wow, not bad, JJ.
Jay: Well, at the very least, I think I'm more useful than Moses.
Moses: Why you gotta drag me into this?
Norma: Because you're the weakest link?
Moses: I am not!


GAME Game 327?/Day 421, Lorelei's wishes game
FORM a bottle of champagne, drink to view (first viewing only), 1/1 uses left
TAKEN not yet!


What can I do? What am I supposed to do? )
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GAME Game 318/Day 410, Handless Faith's guardian angel game
FORM a tiny angel food cupcake, 1/1 uses left
TAKEN not yet!


+ Rushing to the Altar of the Sea, seeing Shirley's transformation. Losing their eres. Being rescued by Grune.

GAME Game 321/Day 412, Maleficent's cooking game
FORM a silk teabag, ?/? uses left
TAKEN not yet!


+ Senel moves out. A peaceful lunch with everyone.

GAME Game 323/Day 414, Handless Faith's ideals game
FORM a small silver heart, 4/4 uses left
TAKEN not yet!


+ Learning that the Oresoren are on the front lines. Rushing out in panic. Arguments; joining the party.
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GAME Game 307/Day 394, Dream's heart games
FORM spun sugar, 1/1 uses left
TAKEN not yet!


+ With Solon and Shirley at Mirage Palace. Solon attacking the Oresoren. The stray leaf.

GAME Game 308/Day 396, ???'s questions game
FORM a blank card, 1/1 uses left
TAKEN not yet!


+ Training and finally succeeding at a difficult technique. Rare praise. A good day?

GAME Game 311/Day 401, Beast's scary stories game
FORM a chocolate spider on a spun sugar web, eat either, 2/2 uses left
TAKEN not yet!


+ The land-creating device? Walter's death; arriving in the throne room and taking down Maurits. Shirley--?

GAME Game 312/Day 402, Cheshire's adventure game
FORM a finger puppet, play with it to view, 1/1 uses left
TAKEN not yet!


+ Getting beaten down by Schwartz; the fight with Dark Vaclav.

GAME Game 315/Day 406, Cutie Velvet's trick-or-treat game
FORM two foam puzzle pieces, connect to view, 5/5 uses left
TAKEN not yet!


+ Trapped by Shirley's teriques. "Restoring the world to its true form." Defeating the Raging Nerifes in Maurits' guise, with the Quiet Nerifes' help.
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GAME Game 302/Day 387, Velveteen Rabbit's memory share game
FORM a miniature toybox, ?/? uses left
TAKEN yes, offscreen


+ Just another mission.

GAME Game 303/Day 389, Firebird's final game
FORM a copper bird, warm in hand to view memory, 2/3 uses left
TAKEN yes, offscreen


+ Topped by Oresoren. Helping with the Waterways plan, and the Great Hollow gambit.

GAME Game 304/Day 391, Hades' advice game
FORM a gold coin, flip to view, 9/10 uses left
TAKEN yes, offscreen


+ Finding Elsa's cure at the Earth Monument, and waiting out Alcott back home. "Looks like you just made his year."
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GAME Game 291/Day 373, Jorgi's card game
FORM a brittle card, crush to view memory, 0/1 uses left
TAKEN yes, offscreen


+ The Hidden Fortress mission. Walter's trap, and revelations about Vaclav. (trivneg)

GAME Game 296/Day 380, Lorelei's explore game
FORM a leaf of sea lettuce, 5/6 uses left
TAKEN yes, offscreen


+ The Earth Monument. The Laugh Brigade; discovering the source of the Cataclysm. "The enemy." Throwing the gauntlet down on Senel re: Shirley.

GAME Game 298/Day 382, Three's card game
FORM a marinated olive, 0/1 uses left
TAKEN yes, offscreen


+ Search for Schwartz at the Bridge. Goofing off with the party and making the picnic promise.

GAME Game 300/Day 383, Mira's --explore?-- game
FORM a small candy apple, 0/1 uses left
TAKEN yes, offscreen


+ Skit: The Ties That Bind

Norma: We've been together for a long time now, huh?
Will: Yes. We've really come to trust and rely on each other, haven't we?
Jay: Even the idiot found a way to be useful.
Moses: Who you talkin' bout, Jay?
Senel: I've really gotten used to their fighting.
Chloe: I'm amazed they haven't grown tired of it yet.
Grune: They probably like each other a lot.
Shirley: Heh heh, yeah. I'm glad we all became friends.
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GAME Game 284/Day 365, Dream's heart game
FORM a sugar cog, 1/2 uses left
TAKEN yes, offscreen


+ the Thunder Monument! Which is thunderous. They're here to learn "why humans and the Radiant hate one another."
+ Jay baiting Senel a little--"Are you sure you're going to be all right?"
+ images show shooting star / sea / pillar of water
+ they touch the fourth light, and they're shown a white ship (the Legacy) falling into the ocean from the sky = the Radiant came from another world
+ "What if that 'someone' is saying that humans and Radiant are simply too different?" "So it's telling us that peace is hopeless?"
+ "It doesn't matter where the Ferines come from!" "Chloe? Moses? Do you really think it doesn't matter? In your hearts, aren't you thinking the same thing I am?"
+ Senel gets mad, and they pivot to Jay's revelation about the identity of their mysterious benefactor--another Nerifes. And who is Nerifes? The sea.
+ "Tell us what the Radiant are trying to do!" "Don't run away now, Senel. You want to see the truth, don't you?"
+ Preparing for assassination.

GAME Game 285/Day 366, Raven's FAIL CREATIVELY game
FORM an egg, 0/1 uses left
TAKEN yes, offscreen


+ headcanon -- baby Jay defending the Oresoren from a monster attack very early on, establishing his protectiveness for them

GAME Game 286/Day 367, Beast's feelings-sharing game
FORM a candied rose petal, 0/1 uses left
TAKEN yes, offscreen


+ headcanon -- a mission with Musette, tracking a group of Gadorian spies

GAME Game 290/Day 372, Lorelei's explore game
FORM a small square of nori seaweed, 1/2 uses left
TAKEN yes, offscreen


+ Elsa runs off to the Hidden Fortress after her father; the party forced to pursue.
+ "Keep your instincts in your pants, Moses."
+ Chloe is furious with Elsa, but finally allows her to stay with the party
+ Elsa looooves Chloe and also has weird dreams
+ Alcott wounded; Chloe pulls sword, and a monster appears. They take Alcott + his medicine back to Werites Beacon.
+ Chloe is distracted . . . Jay points out that a number of things about Alcott / the hidden fortress are pretty suspicious.
+ but they leave it for now, and everyone goes home
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Hello! Remember this . . . .

Most threads in the heart have finally wrapped or are close to it, so I'm looking to locate it somewhere around Night 366 (I sort of floated 365 on Plurk, but ultimately I didn't want it so close to the actual heart games), assuming there are no glaring issues with that. I'll have a post/toplevel up some time the morning of Day 367 for fallout.

I WILL BE TRYING TO WRAP UP REMAINING THREADS AS BEST I CAN BEFORE THEN ♥ Thank you all for playing with me and being patient ♥♥♥ I had a blast. ♥

(Writeup hopefully soon also.)
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Just a note Swift's heart is starting over here! Latecomers are fine, even if you haven't signed up--please just ping me when you jump in ♥